Terms of Use - Last updated 3/6/2017

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Send Files Securely is a website that allows for the secure transfer and sending of files across the Internet. It uses cryptographic standards in order to encrypt and secure files in transit and at rest in storage. Under the Free Plan, files are automatically deleted 7 days from the date of upload. Pro Plan users may optionally decide when files are deleted. Files (including filenames) are stored by Send Files Securely in an encrypted state. User-entered passwords are never stored. Passwords are required in order to retrieve password-protected files. Therefore Send Files Securely does not view (and cannot view once encrypted) uploaded files that included a password and cannot recover files in the event that a user forgets the password.


Send Files Securely offers a paid subscription Pro Plan. Pro Plan users are billed monthly. There are no contracts and users may cancel their plan at any time by sending an email to email[AT]SendFilesSecurely[DOT]com requesting the cancellation. Since billing occurs monthly and there are no contracts, Send Files Securely does not offer refunds. Upon receiving a cancellation request, all future billing will cease, the account will be closed, and any remaining files for that account will be permanently deleted. The user will be notified of the closure by email.


Send Files Securely is not a backup or long-term storage service. Users should ensure original files are kept elsewhere and consider Send Files Securely a temporary means for sending files over the internet securely using encryption.


Send Files Securely is for the transfer of files for which you have the legal right to use, copy, transmit, and distribute. Uploading files which are illegal is not allowed. Send Files Securely reserves the right to delete any file without notice.


Send Files Securely may be accessed by any web browser. The service is provided "as-is" with no guarantees or warranties.


Send Files Securely has the right to deny service to any connection based on IP address should it be determined that requests from a particular IP address appear to be misusing the service. For more information on IP addresses see the Privacy Policy.


Questions can be sent to email[AT]SendFilesSecurely[DOT]com.