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  • Send and receive any type of file over the internet securely
  • Unlike email attachments or other non-secure file upload sites, Send Files Securely uses strong encryption to protect files both in transit and storage
  • Simply upload your files and use or share the provided download link

Free Plan

Send files securely for free instantly with NO REGISTRATION. Features include password protection, secure encryption in transit & in storage, 7-day file retention and 150 MB maximum file size.

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Pro Plan

Choose the Pro Plan subscription for larger files, multi-file upload, customizable retention days, upload portal, download tracking and much more! 100% risk-free trial! Plus no contracts, cancel anytime. See details below.

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  • 150 MB Max. File Size
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  • 15 Downloads Per File
  • Upload 1 File at a Time
  • 7-day File Retention
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  • No Registration
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Pro More Features!

$999 per month
  • 2 GB Max. File Size
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • No File Download Limit
  • Upload 10 Files at a Time
  • Configurable File Retention
  • Upload portal site with custom logo
  • Single user account with optional two factor authentication
  • 10-day Free Trial, 100% Risk Free, No contracts, Cancel anytime
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All files are transferred and stored using high-grade encryption algorithms and techniques. HTTPS/SSL is used to protect your files during upload and AES secures your files while in storage.


Encrypted file data is stored in secure, cloud environments. Files are replicated across multiple servers and in different geographical regions, providing high availability and redundancy.

Password Protection (Optional)

For added security, each file upload may be protected with a password. The password is never stored and is required in order to retrieve the file. It is highly recommended to add a password when uploading a file. Passwords should be long (12 characters or more) and contain a mix of different character types (uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and special character).

Larger Files & More Storage (Pro & Dedicated* Only)

Send and receive large files (up to plan maximum size limit) and store as many files as you need (up to plan maximum storage limit).

File Management (Pro & Dedicated* Only)

File management tools give you complete control over your files as well as provide useful information about file activity such as download date. Set options individually for each file. Available options include: delete after specified date, delete after specified number of downloads, never automatically delete, notifications for each download.

Upload Portal (Pro & Dedicated* Only)

In addition to sending files, you can also receive files from anyone. The upload portal is your own exclusive webpage which allows others to upload files directly to you.